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royal-wharf-mariners-quarterDesigned by Singapore-based reputable firm DP Architects, these two apartment towers are to be developed by Oxley Holdings Limited and Ballymore and comes with panoramic view of River Thames and O2 Arena. The 15ha development is conceptualised to be a new residential, business and leisure destination with panoramic views across the River Thames.

The  proposed  40.25m and  58.25m tall apartment towers  are  located on Plots  17 and  18 within Royal Wharf Phase 3The Marco Polo  Building on Plot 18 is the final and tallest waterfront building anchoring the entire development’s corner, consisting of three vertically stacked building boxes. Its striking silhouette along the Thames waterfront is created by the subtle tectonic shift of these  three boxes, unifying the housing block into a single twisting urban entity.  To maintain the strong  master  planning  relationship  with  the  adjacent  Marco  Polo  Building,  the  James  Cook Building  utilises  a  similar  façade  treatment  while  reversing  its  colour  palette  for  subtle differentiation.


Inspired  by  the  varying  patterns  of  London’s  weather,  the  building’s  façade  and  character  is designed to modify with the seasons,  as the façade louvered  screens are movable.  Each unit has the ability to adjust the position of their sliding louvered panels to provide sun and wind shading capabilities depending on the weather  or season. This  gives  the building façade an organic and lively  feel  –  similar to the fluctuating seasons in nature.  The sliding panels,  combined  with the dynamic twist of the blocks, work together to create a high-impact flagship design.


Capitalising  on  the  river  views,  the  top  and  lowest  blocks  are  gently  rotated  on  a  central  axis towards Canary Wharf, creating views  of the water  even for east-facing units located away from the water’s edge. The middle block, consisting of apartments on the eighth to the 13th storey, is then rotated in the opposite direction to provide views of the new pier. The middle block also leans towards the green plaza and overlooks the Thames Barrier and Thames Barrier Park.

The James Cook Building

Part of the same design as the Marco Polo building, the James Cook Building features a similar design without the quirky twists. Adjustable balcony screens lend the building a living, breathing feel, creating a sense of changing with the seasons. The colour palette of this building is the reverse of the neighbouring Marco Polo, to create a subtle differentiation between the plots.

The Marco Polo Building

The crowing glory of the Mariner’s Quarter, \riverfront Marco Polo Building boasts a bold design, consisting of three vertically stacked building boxes, made striking by a subtle twist of each box. Inspired by the unpredictable London weather, the building’s facade and character was designed to modify with each season, with the louvered balcony screens adjustable to provide shade from the sun or wind while enjoying the outside space.